Merchant Cash Advance London – Giving You the Chance to Grow Your Business

If keeping at par with your business competitors is what you have been dreaming of then you have come to the right place. Merchant Cash Advance London is designed to give you a way out of your financial predicaments in the event that other financial bodies are unwilling to support. We do understand that every institution has its regulations which must be met before you are deemed eligible for funding. The good part about our funding type is that the terms are extremely flexible. It doesn’t matter your credit rating; we know your predicament and that is why we are here to help you make ends meet.
You could be running restaurant business, selling credit cards or offering services to other people or companies; however, lack of enough funds is dragging you behind. You are our target audience and seeing to it that your business moves to another great level is what we endeavour to do. Send in your application today to obtain the required amount of cash that will keep you in competition without any big hassles.
Merchant Cash Advance London is definitely your real friend when it comes to making things in your business move on. Note that this kind of funding is certified by the necessary regulatory bodies and thus, you do not have to be wary of it. Take charge now and you will start smiling when you see your business getting to where you wanted.

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Advantages Of A Merchant Cash Advance

How the scheme works

Once we approve your application for merchant cash advance funding, you will be given the agreed amount of money that will be required to be repaid as a section of the upcoming sales or revenue. Merchant Cash Advance London, in this case, will be entitled to an agreed (fixed) payback associated with your business’ credit card sales up to that time the whole amount will be cleared.

Pros of merchant cash advance

This kind of funding for business has a number of benefits which include:

  • Gives you opportunity to retain 100% of the profits
  • Provides an opening for small businesses to obtain financial support.
  • You have the option to decide what you want to do with the money without any outside interference
  • It takes just a few days for the whole process – from application, to approval to funding – to be sealed.
  • You do not require any collateral in order to be eligible for funding.
  • All the charges are explained openly and the whole amount is given out at the beginning of the scheme.
  • Any changes concerning repayment as well as funding is fully dependent of upcoming sales.

Application for funding

When you send your application to us at Merchant Cash Advance London, you can rest assured that we will take the shortest time possible to get back to you. Once everything has been approved, the funding should be done within a few days. The only requirement is a record of your daily credit card sales and statements. Once we ascertain your business potential, then the funds will be right in your account within a short period of time. But before then, you will be required to open a new bank account to facilitate procession of all the dealings and allow us to obtain our share when time comes as well.

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The pros of MCA

Merchant Cash Advance comes with a number of advantages including:

  • It offers businesses with seemingly poor credit rating an opportunity to secure funds to help them deal with their financial constraints much easily.

  • It allows you to take full control of the entire cash revenue (100%)

  • There are no restrictions on how you may utilise your funds. You have the option of choosing where you want the money to go without any kind of external interference.

  • Applying and approving of the funding is faster as it takes only a few days.

  • Unlike other types of loans, with MCA, it is not necessary for one to provide a personal security.

  • There are no additional levies; it, therefore, means that you will be required to repay the money in full right from the start.

  • Flexibility in relation to the payback as well as funding is dependent on the upcoming sales.